Hotel Wentzl Krakow

Of all the hotels in Krakow, only one has been lucky enough to find a home on the ancient market square. Here at Wentzl, you'll find splendid views leading onto this, the largest (and perhaps the most beautiful) of Europe's squares. The colour of town life below, the old church of St. Mary's (which is lit up marvelously at night) as well as the rippling curves of the Cloth Hall are sure to capture the hearts of guests.

Hotel Wentzl can be found in a splendid old mansion, known as the house 'under the blue lion' and later as the house 'under the painting'. A beautiful eighteenth century fresco of the Madonna and Child, which has inspired many legends amongst the Cracovians, has survived above the doorway.

The charm of these bygone years is everpresent inside the Hotel Wentzl. Splendid beamed ceilings conjure the atmosphere of the past, and the rooms have been furnished in harmony with this wonderful heritage. Persian rugs and elegant polished wood furnishings create an entrancing ambiance, whilst air-conditioning, attractive bathrooms and complimentary internet access will ensure that you can enjoy Old Krakow in modern comfort.

Hotel Wentzl is a place where you won't feel like just another name. A small, intimate hotel with just twelve rooms, great care is taken here to ensure that everything is just right for guests. Hotel Wentzl also prides itself on its restaurant, whose history dates back to 1792 when it was launched by the celebrated Jan Wentzl. Reopened in recent years, it is now a favourite with many foreigners and Poles, including the President, Aleksander Kwasniewski. Here you can enjoy exquisitely prepared international cuisine as well as some wonderful interpretations of Polish classics, such as the Duck Fillet a la Zubrowka. At Wentzl you can be confident of an intimate and unique experience in this wonderful city. Krakow is waiting to be explored!

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